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API Description

This session describes endpoints of the PAD API. The endpoints may appear in subsessions more than once as they are titled by a role of PAD. A description of an endpoint consists of its method, URI, request parameters and response statuses, with examples.

Base URL and version

Base URL:
The only version available now is v0. To access the URI /trustees, for example, the URL will be


"Primitive" types are written in lowercase. Examples:
  • integer
  • number
  • string
  • object (JSON object)
  • array
  • dict (dictionary/key-value pair where values have the same type)
  • enum
Arrays are written in the form array<T> which indicates it is an array where items are all in type T.
Dictionaries are written in the form dict<KeyT, ValueT> which indicates it is an object where the keys are in type KeyT and the values are in type ValueT.
Stringified objects are written like string<T>. A string of this type should be able to parse as an object of type T.
Defined types are capitalised. Examples:
  • Encryption
  • Token
  • TrusteeId
  • DataRequest